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Data & Digital Printing

Digital (laser) printing...

very often comes with us having to handle data. UFF will take your data, clean it, parse it, dedupe it, standardize it to postal regulations and merge it to your document before printing.

Any mail house worth their salt can get you the best postal rate when you give them a database, but UFF’s proprietary software can take the pdfs you supply us and sort those to get you the best rate!
We’re a Canon shop, in fact, the LARGEST Canon shop in the district. That means we typically can turn around your printing job with ridiculously fast speed. We have both regular high-speed printers and expanded format printers as well as envelope printers. We keep on hand a healthy inventory of common paper and envelope stocks in order to meet your time constraints. Full color or black and white, text or cover weight stock (up to 13 x 19 in size) ….

Posters, yes, we do those too. Our museum quality inkjet equipment brings your vibrant graphics (up to 44” in width) to life. UFF can mount them on foam core too.

Common uses:

Financial statements, invoices, employee benefits communications (Annual Funding notices, Open Enrollment materials, awards, Total Compensation statements, new hire kits), as well as direct mail for  new and potential customers, brochures, political campaign mailers, Open House notifications, invitations, conference materials, newsletters, business materials, packaging prototypes.


What Else?

Lawn signs. Indoor and outdoor banners. Placards. Door tags.
Common uses: political campaigns, business and community events, conferences